Project #5 Simplicity E1989


My next project is to try a dress. I came across this pattern at Walmart.  It is called Simplicity Sew Simplicity E1989 and was sizes 6 to 18.

As I looked at the back, I seen that it looked really simple. I went ahead and cut a 14, which I figured would work.  Luckily, for me, I seemed to fit a 14 pretty good (this was 5 years ago, lol, now need to cut a size 16, sometimes 18 L.

I have since learned that I really need some adjustments for the shoulders, as it seems that I always have problems with them slipping forward.

I also have noticed that in some patterns, I may need to grade in at the waist just a bit, and out at the hip just a bit. I have a sort of hourglass figure.

Well it depends on what dieting stage you catch me in.

For most of my life I have gone back and forth between a ready to wear size 8 (size 6 on some small occasions) to a size 12 (which was rarely until recently).

This has made my sewing hard, because I am always changing sizes!!!!!!

So I thought this dress would be perfect because it was such a simple shape. Just a sheath dress with a tie belt.  This dress would accommodate many different sizes of my ever changing size.

It’s mostly just a big dress and then the waist is cinched in with a belt. Perfect.

I had this fabric that I purchased from Joann’s on clearance. It is a simply silk type fabric.  It has no stretch, I liked the black with the flower contrast and I really like the flower repeat pattern.


I was very proud of myself because I was able to cut the fabric with the flowers all going the same direction.

I know, that’s a no brainer right???? Well not for a newbie. But I figured it out!

After I cut it, I was so excited that just had to display it on my dress form.  Don’t mind the mess behind it, this was just the beginning phase of me developing my sewing room.  PS, I still don’t have it right after 5 years.


I actually found it really easy to put together. I struggled with the bias binding on the neckline.  I think I ended up using web fusing to get most of the parts done.  I didn’t realize the special sewing feet.  Also sometimes I think it just takes practice to get most of these sewing things down.

It has a seam down the middle back and has to bust darts. The front was cut on the fold.



I decided to actually attach this type of lace string to the belt to add some interest.


I also struggled with the blind hem stitch. I just couldn’t seem to get it right.  After Googling, I decided that it would just be easier to do the hem by hand.

At that time I didn’t really understand stabilizing and the material was really slippery.

In all this dress turned out really nice and I loved it. I think I wore it almost every week in the winter.  Looks great with leggings and boots.

I still have it and even tried wearing it this winter. It just fits, but feels a little snug.  Oh well will have to wait a little longer to fit in better, hmmmmm some day!!!

I love this dress and thought this was a great project.

Until next time, Cheerio!!

This is the finished dress back in 2013:


Here is me in the dress in June 2017. Yes, I have green in my hair.  I am always willing to try anything different.

Project #4 – New Look 6036 Vest

For my next project I decided to tackle a vest for my husband.  I found this New Look 6036 pattern and figured that I would make View F.  I thought it looked the most manly.

I didn’t measure my husband, but I figured that a medium would work, as I usually buy him medium tops.  He works out, so he has really broad shoulders, big arms, and a small waist.

Sometimes it’s not fair, he was born with athletic genes in his genetic makeup.  I was born with the take one look at food and it’s already on your body makeup.  Oh well, life goes on.

I got this gray material from I believe at Joann’s on clearance back in 2012, so they probably don’t have it.  I can’t even remember the name of it, but it is like suiting material.

I remember it was actually easy to sew and the vest went together really well.  It even had lining and I was able to that that as well.

By this time, I have been on google quite a bit and learned a lot more about sewing.  I learned about darts, right sides together, lining.

Thank goodness for the internet.  I believe that if there was no internet to help teach me I probably would have given up.  Thank you Google!  Thank you everyone for your posts!  You kept me going!

The instructions were actually pretty easy to follow.  The best part was, that I was able to understand them:)

The darts are a little bit uneven, but you have to look closely to determine that.  The welt pockets even turned out okay, but I have since learned better techniques for these in the past five years.

For the buttons, I was afraid to use the machine so I hand sewed the buttons.

Yes, I even had to Google how to sew the buttons on.  Can you believe that I was never shown this before.  I remember taking a Home Economics class in high school, but I never remembered doing any type of sewing.  I remember cooking, and balancing a checkbook.  Now I hate cooking, but balancing the checkbook is something I am meticulous about, lol.

After viewing many videos about sewing on buttons, I decided it was best to use two strands of thread so I could just tie off for the end.  This seemed to have worked for this instance.

The black shirt is a ready to wear shirt that we had previously purchased for him before.

Finally, a project that I was very proud of.  I couldn’t tell you how excited I was that this turned out.  I felt this I found my passion.  I am now officially addicted to sewing!

I have pics of my husband modeling it, but he is too shy to let me post them, so your going to just have to settle for these pics.

I probably should have made a large for the shoulder area and graded it to a medium around the waist.  It is snug around the chest.  But at that time I never even heard of the word grading.

It is amazing how much there is to learn about sewing:)

I think in the past five years he has only worn it once.  It is still in his closet.  Oh well, I thought it was great!!! Onward and upward!!!

Until next time, Cheerio!!

Project #2 – Burda 7866

After failing at pants, I decided a top would be the best way to start my sewing adventure.

I looked through my patterns and found Burda 7866, this looked easy enough.

I actually had some pink fabric, that I had purchased from

pink fabric

This time I read the back, took my measurements, and cut a size 16.  This was one of the patterns that I had bought under the assumption that sewing patterns were the same size as ready to wear.  But luckily for me, this one came in size 10 through 22.

The cut was easy enough, now time for the interfacing.

I must admit, I never used interfacing before.

Attempt #1 – opps interfacing is now on my press cloth.

Attempt #2 – opps interfacing is now on the other side of my press cloth.

Attempt #3 – Googled interfacing, okay, the bubble side goes on fabric.  Okay, got it.  Opps – put iron on interfacing and fabric too long, now have a burnt hole.  I really wish I had a picture to show you, but I don’t.  You wouldn’t believe it.  Has anyone else ever done this?

Attempt #4 – Got it!!!!!!

Time to sew the bottom yoke to the top.  I didn’t really understand right sides together at that time, again trying to teach self.  I don’t know how I did it, but I did get the bottom attached, however, if you look on the inside, you will see that I did it by placing two piece on top of each other and then sewed so the yoke seam is sticking up.

I soon learned after that you do right sides together.

Now the neck band – okay this is really sloppy.  If you look at the picture I somehow was able to get it on.

You can tell at this point I still did not understand right sides together.

Time for the tie band – this turned out okay, but you can see that the corners are not really poked out.  I didn’t understand clipping seams and corners at that time.

You know, they really are not very clear in the instructions.

One thing I learned about sewing patterns, the instructions are really difficult for a newbie, just saying.

In all, I was very proud of what I did and even wore it a few times.  However, after learning more about what I should have done, I soon just put it to the back of my closet and eventually tossed it.

pink top

At that point, I didn’t realize that I maybe could have fixed it, or even tried to use the fabric in a different way.

Oh well, can’t go back.

On to Project #3!

Until next time, Cheerio!!

My Second Project Vogue 8751 – Pants

Blog #2 Project #1

Vogue 8751 – it says “very easy pants”, that sounds great!

Vogue pattern

I pull out the instructions and started reading the back of the envelope.

LESSON 1 LEARNED – apparently, the sizes listed are not the same as Ready to Wear.  In regular clothing I am normally a 12, however in patterns, I am between a 16 and 18.

This means that most of my patterns were ranges from 6-12 category, which means I bought many wrong patterns, which means now I have to wait for more sales to go back and buy the right size.

As shown, this pattern is for sized 6 – 12.  I now had to go back to the store and buy the correct size.

LESSON 2 LEARNED – measure correctly.  Apparently I measured incorrectly (I think I must have done it over clothes).  I cut out the 18 as directed.   At this point in time of my new sewing brain, I wasn’t aware of grading or how to fit.  I just thought cut and sew:)

Here are the back directions and a sample of the fabric that I was using.

After cutting out, I began to follow the directions, which were not too difficult, but by no means to me easy.  To me, I had a hard time understanding them.  This should not be a first project if you have no idea about construction of pants.

After what feels like forever, I finally got the front and back together.  I think this took me 3 tries.

Okay, ready for try on, ohhhhhhh so bad.  They were so big and the crotch hung down so low.

I can fix this!!!!

I will just undo the thread and cut it to make smaller.

So I cut on either side of the pants,


I don’t have a picture, but image this as the pants.  See the dotted lines, while, I probably should have cut there.

See the uneven straight lines, yeah, that’s what I did.  I cut just like that without a ruler.

I then tried to sew back together.  Yeah, didn’t work.

I waded them up and put them into a bag to fix later.  Five years later they are still not touched.

I just recently went to find the bag and can’t find it.  I hate clutter, so maybe in one of my cleaning days, it was accidently tossed out.

Now that I know how expensive fabric is, I wished I would not have done that:)

After five years, I finally attempted pants again, yes it took that long after that horrible experience.  But hey, you have to learn sometime.

But that will come later, on to Project #2.

Until next time, Cheerio!!
























My Sewing Journey – Journey began August 2012

I know that my grandmother was a great seamstress, and my mother used to sew when we were little.  My mother said that she was taught by her mother-in-law, my grandmother and that she was a fantastic sewer.

I unfortunately never got the opportunity to have her teach me, as she passed away when I was very young.

My mother states, that she didn’t really enjoy sewing, but did it to save money by sewing our clothes when we were younger.  Then I remember her making and selling Cabbage Patch dolls for a time to earn extra money.

That didn’t last long, as she moved into decorating cakes to make money.  As me and my sisters grew older, she ended that task and began the focus of being the mommy carpool taking us kids all over the place.

She has never went back to her crafty roots.

I remember when I was a little girl; I loved my Barbie dolls and all their clothes.  I kept everything so organized and clean.  I just loved dressing them up in their clothes.  At one point I do remember trying to make them some clothes out of a blanket.  Let’s just say, it didn’t work.

Then I remember in high school, I was never one to buy the teen magazines that had pictures of all the heartthrobs in them.  There were never any pictures in my locker of boys.  It was always clothes.

I would babysit and take that money and buy Vogue, Seventeen, and YM magazines and just spend hours looking at them.

I would sit and draw clothes with my color pencils and hang them all over my bedroom wall with aspirations of being a fashion designer one day.

But life happens and that career choice was never made.  Instead numbers were the game and Accounting was the choice.

Many years later, while at work, I spotted an outfit that I really like, but it was way out of my price bracket.  When it dawned on me, that I could actually make it.

I have been watching Project Runway, if they could make it, so could I.  It seemed so easy, so I thought:)

My Sewing Adventure Begins!!!!

Step 1: Buy the patterns right?

Step 2: Buy the sewing machine

Step 3: Buy matching thread

So I found the local Joann’s ad and seen that one certain days, patterns were really cheap!!, Yes! That works.  So for the next three weeks I loaded myself with patterns:

I bought fabric from the clearance section.  Just anything that looked beautiful.  I thought I could just make anything with any type of fabric, was just so excited and trying to buy really cheap.

So with my stock of fabric, thread, and patterns, I was ready to go.

I found this Brother sewing machine at Walmart for $129.97 (this was about 5 years ago, today it is $89.00) It is the Brother CE1100PRW.

I also ordered a dress form from Amazon.  It has dials on it.  I think it was the cheaper version.  It’s not stable and the shoulders don’t collapse in.  But it works!

I have actually been using this for the past 5 years and still using it.  It has held up really good.  Although I must admit that I am eyeballing a professional dress form.  Well I have been for the past year, just trying to save up money for it.  Hint, Hint to my husband:)

1st sewing machine Continue reading “My Sewing Journey – Journey began August 2012”