My Second Project Vogue 8751 – Pants

Blog #2 Project #1

Vogue 8751 – it says “very easy pants”, that sounds great!

Vogue pattern

I pull out the instructions and started reading the back of the envelope.

LESSON 1 LEARNED – apparently, the sizes listed are not the same as Ready to Wear.  In regular clothing I am normally a 12, however in patterns, I am between a 16 and 18.

This means that most of my patterns were ranges from 6-12 category, which means I bought many wrong patterns, which means now I have to wait for more sales to go back and buy the right size.

As shown, this pattern is for sized 6 – 12.  I now had to go back to the store and buy the correct size.

LESSON 2 LEARNED – measure correctly.  Apparently I measured incorrectly (I think I must have done it over clothes).  I cut out the 18 as directed.   At this point in time of my new sewing brain, I wasn’t aware of grading or how to fit.  I just thought cut and sew:)

Here are the back directions and a sample of the fabric that I was using.

After cutting out, I began to follow the directions, which were not too difficult, but by no means to me easy.  To me, I had a hard time understanding them.  This should not be a first project if you have no idea about construction of pants.

After what feels like forever, I finally got the front and back together.  I think this took me 3 tries.

Okay, ready for try on, ohhhhhhh so bad.  They were so big and the crotch hung down so low.

I can fix this!!!!

I will just undo the thread and cut it to make smaller.

So I cut on either side of the pants,


I don’t have a picture, but image this as the pants.  See the dotted lines, while, I probably should have cut there.

See the uneven straight lines, yeah, that’s what I did.  I cut just like that without a ruler.

I then tried to sew back together.  Yeah, didn’t work.

I waded them up and put them into a bag to fix later.  Five years later they are still not touched.

I just recently went to find the bag and can’t find it.  I hate clutter, so maybe in one of my cleaning days, it was accidently tossed out.

Now that I know how expensive fabric is, I wished I would not have done that:)

After five years, I finally attempted pants again, yes it took that long after that horrible experience.  But hey, you have to learn sometime.

But that will come later, on to Project #2.

Until next time, Cheerio!!
























3 thoughts on “My Second Project Vogue 8751 – Pants

  1. Oh my! A couple questions if you don’t mind answering? On a scale of 1 to 5, how comfortable are you using your machine? (1-not, and 5-best buds) Pants are one of the MOST DIFFICULT items to sew, would you be willing to try a smaller, non-garment project that would allow you to hone some skills that would readily transfer to clothes, but with less expense?


  2. Back then I would have definitely said a 1, not comfortable with my machine, but I have since kept at it, like you mentioned I practiced on a lot of scraps. I actually have just completed a pair of pants that turned out much better. I purchased the surefit designs pants template and made a pant slope. The surefit design was spot on. I was even able to email Glenda at surefit designs and ask her about the fit. She was so helpful. Thanks to her I gained my confidence back!! Thanks so much for your advice!


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