How to Balance Sewing and Life?

Okay I am going to go off track today and come in the current time.

I have a question out there to all the sewers:  How do you manage to balance sewing and life?  Or otherwise put how to have a harmonious life with managing everything?

I work a demanding full time job.  I have an almost 2 1/2 year old son, a 22 year old (who luckily is living out on his own, yes!!!, but does need money here and there, no!!!!!).  I have a husband (who feels like another kid), and a dog (who yet, feels like another kid). LOL

I am struggling trying to find time to do my passion!!!

Luckily at my current position, I am some of the time doing data entry.  While doing this I can listen to Sewing U-Tube videos (with the phone down) can’t get caught.

I love Mimi G, Brittney S. Jones, Sew to Fit, and the Sewing Blab.

While I love these, they are reminding me how much I want to sewwwww, but just am having a hard time fitting it into my daily life.

Prior to the baby, my husband worked second shift, I worked first.  I had plenty of time to sew and workout!!!

But after baby, my whole life has changed.  I was trying to workout on my lunch hour, but that didn’t work as I kept getting so sweaty and still had to go to meetings afterwards.

My husband moved to 1st shift, which I thought would be great, but instead, it means I have to not only pay attention to the little one, but also to him as well.  He wants me to help him with the chores outside!!!

How can I do this, while trying to do the chores inside.  I say I am going to sew every night after the baby goes to bed, but my husband wants me to watch TV with him.

So now I am down to trying to do pattern prep and hand sew on my lunch hour.  This is great!!!  I also try to sew on the weekends when the baby goes down for his nap (this is great).  However, I am still trying to quickly do the laundry and my husband is getting mad because he wants my time.

If the little one is awake he wants me to take him to the part, color, play with trucks, etc.

So my question in how do other women do it!!!

I love to sew, it is my passion and I am so happy doing it, but how do I fit it in.  I thought I would make a schedule, but that ended up with me stressing even more because I wasn’t meeting my deadlines:)

Help!!!  Any advice would be great!!




5 thoughts on “How to Balance Sewing and Life?

  1. I don’t have any kiddos but I know they can definitely throw a wrench in your sewing. When I am my busiest I squeeze in 30 minutes or an hour after dinner, while my significant other does the cleanup, and then I feel like I got some sewing in before I do some other work. The other thing I do is I plan for a 3 hour simple sewing project on a Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes a quick make let’s me feel like I am sewing a lot more than a really difficult pattern that takes me weeks/months to complete! Best of luck!


  2. With a toddler and a full time job, life can get so complicated! If you need to sew everyday because it is what keeps you sane, then I highly recommend the timer approach…you get 30 minutes to yourself to sew while hubby and toddler have quality playtime, or hubby takes over bath time…some moms ask for 30 minutes alone in the bathroom, maybe you get the sewing room! Set the timer so that you don’t over extend. At first it won’t seem like much, but you will become very efficient and you will be able to look forward to those heavenly 30 minutes every day!
    Next, maybe the two of you can agree to a Day each month for your favorite activity, while the other manages the toddler and makes dinner. You will each get a special day for you, and that still leaves plenty of family time.
    For myself, I have been amazed and how much more I accomplish by retiring at 9 and getting up at 5. The kids didn’t wake until 7, so I had two blessed hours to exercise, sew, do my Bible Study or shower! It is amazing how much I packed in to those two hours!
    Last idea…simplify your life as much as possible. Get rid of stuff you don’t need, double meals that freeze well, teach the toddler to carry his plate to the kitchen and make sorting laundry a game. All are necessary life skills he needs AND they help you. As he gets older, he can help more, (and so can hubby). After all, if he needs you to help outside there are things he can do inside to lighten the load.
    Good luck, and keep us posted!

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  3. Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately little one goes to bed st 8 , wakes in night and up at 5 am. He never slept much, even as a baby he does only 10 hours sleep in a 24 hr period. I asked doctors many times and the said some babies just don’t sleep. Ahhhh. But I love the idea of trying to get the little one to help with laundry and other chores, I’ll have to do that. Thanks!!!

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  4. Every family is different! Hoping your little one gets to the point where he likes to sleep in a little more! I had an early, early bird for a while ( she woke with the sun at 4:30! At 13 months, so she climbed out of the crib….) I finally set her “breakfast” out on the living room floor with a favorite toy. I recall feeling really desperate at the time!


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