New Look 6020 Dress

For my next project, I wanted a regular dress versus a maxi dress. I really liked the look of New Look 6020.

I decided on View B. I liked the princess seams down the middle and the cut in the front.

Since I am more wide rather than full (wide across, flat stomach, flat hips) and hourglass shape without the butt:) I always like to cut a tie belt or use a belt to help accentuate my waist.

I cut a size 14 for this. And again used an invisible zipper (I just like my zippers to be invisible) and found some brown store bought bias tape. I found some brown ribbon and some orange ribbon, but I didn’t end up using any of the ribbon.

Again, I found this fabric from Joann’s. It is a cotton fabric.  I just love the print.  I am very into color and prints.  To me the orange just stands out!!!

I didn’t do any fit adjustments to it.

It was actually very easy to put together.

I love how the front turned out with just the little arch.

I think next time I might stabilize the tie belt with just a little like stabilizer just to make it a little more stiff and to help it come from untying.


Here is my in the dress in June 2017 (it still fits!!!!, barley, lol).


Sorry about the lights. Yes, I have green in my hair.  Playing with color!  Did I say I love color!!!


Here is the inside of the dress. You can see the facing, this was very easy to put on.

Also, I did the bias binding around the armhole.





I just love this dress.

Honestly this is the first time I tried this dress on in 2 years, I didn’t think it would fit. Guess it does!!  The material just has a little slight stretch in it so it helps.

I didn’t make the purse. For some reason, I change my handbag about once a year.

Usually when my mother sees mine ripping, she will go buy me a new one.

I just can’t seem to part with the money for a purse, huh, don’t know why.

I love shows as you can tell!!

Until next time, Cheerio!





How to Balance Sewing and Life?

Okay I am going to go off track today and come in the current time.

I have a question out there to all the sewers:  How do you manage to balance sewing and life?  Or otherwise put how to have a harmonious life with managing everything?

I work a demanding full time job.  I have an almost 2 1/2 year old son, a 22 year old (who luckily is living out on his own, yes!!!, but does need money here and there, no!!!!!).  I have a husband (who feels like another kid), and a dog (who yet, feels like another kid). LOL

I am struggling trying to find time to do my passion!!!

Luckily at my current position, I am some of the time doing data entry.  While doing this I can listen to Sewing U-Tube videos (with the phone down) can’t get caught.

I love Mimi G, Brittney S. Jones, Sew to Fit, and the Sewing Blab.

While I love these, they are reminding me how much I want to sewwwww, but just am having a hard time fitting it into my daily life.

Prior to the baby, my husband worked second shift, I worked first.  I had plenty of time to sew and workout!!!

But after baby, my whole life has changed.  I was trying to workout on my lunch hour, but that didn’t work as I kept getting so sweaty and still had to go to meetings afterwards.

My husband moved to 1st shift, which I thought would be great, but instead, it means I have to not only pay attention to the little one, but also to him as well.  He wants me to help him with the chores outside!!!

How can I do this, while trying to do the chores inside.  I say I am going to sew every night after the baby goes to bed, but my husband wants me to watch TV with him.

So now I am down to trying to do pattern prep and hand sew on my lunch hour.  This is great!!!  I also try to sew on the weekends when the baby goes down for his nap (this is great).  However, I am still trying to quickly do the laundry and my husband is getting mad because he wants my time.

If the little one is awake he wants me to take him to the part, color, play with trucks, etc.

So my question in how do other women do it!!!

I love to sew, it is my passion and I am so happy doing it, but how do I fit it in.  I thought I would make a schedule, but that ended up with me stressing even more because I wasn’t meeting my deadlines:)

Help!!!  Any advice would be great!!




New Look 6122 June 2013

This is still one of my favorite dresses to this day. I love this dress and still wear it 4 years later!!!!

Guess I’m getting better!!

For this dress, I used New Look 6122. I did view D.  I need ¾ yd for the bodice, and used the same material for the top facing.

I found this fabric at Joann’s. It was a really nice heavy stretch knit fabric.  Sorry, I don’t have the name of it.

But I fell in love with the design of the fabric.

Purple is my favorite color.

I think I cut a size 16 and I didn’t make any fit adjustments.

Now, here is where I made my mistakes!!!

You can see that I used blue water marker for my marking on the inside.  Boy when they tell you to do a test for anything you are going to mark to make sure it comes out, pleaseeeee make sure you do it.

I marked the front and inside and it was really a job to get the mark off the front. I kept wetting and wetting the material.  I finally got most off the front.  But you can see, I didn’t get any off the inside of the garment.

So you can see I had some issues with the bodice. It was a little too wide for my test (or my boobs are too small, lolJ).  So I tried to sew it more together by hand.

Then I had some issues with the band. I finally used weft iron on to help.  You can still see a little here:



Figure 1

Here is another view of the inside.


Here is a current picture in June 2017 of me in the dress. It still fits and I still wear it.

It was pretty easy to put together, minus the few fit issues I tried to fix myself.

Actually, I would have been better off making the fit adjustments to the pattern versus fixing after. But again at that time, I didn’t realize that much about fit.

I was more concerned with learning construction.

I felt I did a great job!!!


Until next time, Cheerio!



My First Serger June 2013

aaaSoooo I was reading all these posts about a serger and how great they were. So I thought I would get one.  Then I started reviewing serger’s online.

While I really liked the price of the Brother 1034D ¾ Thread. But after reading reviews, it seemed liked it was a little difficult to thread.    But I still really liked the price.

We have an authorized sewing dealer in town so I went to them.

I explained what I wanted. They didn’t sell Brother Machines, but they sold Janome.

The store rep showed me the MyLock 634D. He sat with me, showed me how easy it was to use.  He threaded it, he had me thread it.  He said it was on sale and that they also had financing available for it.  I think it was about $549.00 at that time.

I was sold. This was way over my price budget, but I was so caught up in the moment, that I didn’t care.


So I took the machine home, and yes, it worked great!!!!

That is until I had to re-thread the darn thing:)

OHHHHH, I was so angry.

I spent so much time trying to thread this thing and get the tensions right.

Now, after reading more reviews, I think I am a very rare person, because most don’t have an issue.

Let me explain something. I am very impatient!!!

I work full time and I was doing an hour workout each night at that time, so time was of the essence.

Anyway, I kept trying and finally got it to work sometimes, but to me it was still a pain. Most times I just stuck to the sewing machine.

You will see in a later post that I went back to the store and they gave me full credit and I bought a babylock!!!!! OHHHHHHH I love my babylock.

But more on that later!!

Until next time, Cheerio!


Simplicity 2638 It’s So Easy Maxi Dress

For my next project, I thought I would try another ‘It’s So Easy, It’s Simplicty’ pattern. This one looks really easy.

It is a long maxi dress with a halter top.

According to the instructions, you can use cotton blends, eyelet, guaze, or silky types.

I went with the silky type. I cut out a size 16 (up again on the scale).

I needed 2 ½ yards of my silky fabric and ¾ yard of lining. Just the top part was lined.

It also required a zipper.

I tend to prefer an invisible zipper to other zippers. I don’t know why, but I actually am better at putting in invisible zippers to other zippers, rather lapped zipper, or exposed zipper.

To me the invisible zipper is much easier. However, it sucks when you have it twisted the wrong way.

One day, I will show you an easy way to do this and I promise, no more taking out the seams of zippers because you twisted it wrong. AHHHHH I can’t tell you how many times I had to take out zipper seams L

I found this so easy to do!!!!

The instructions were great.

I even was able to line up the middle part across the zipper (very proud of self!)

I found the lining very easy to put in. I still struggled with the V part in the middle, but I guess practice will make perfect.

(who am I kidding, still struggling a big now 4 years later, lol!

There weren’t many pattern pieces.

I can’t remember what the name of the material was, but it was from the silk section from Joann’s. I am pretty sure that I got it on clearance.  In the beginning, all my fabric came from clearance.  I needed something to practice on that didn’t cost an arm and leg.

Looking at picture of myself, I could have made a few fit adjustments, but lets face it, I was still learning about construction. Fit, would have been too scary to take on that task at the time.

Beside, now I fit into this garment perfectly (well I have added some pounds since, lol!. See current picture!!

Dress done:

Here is the inside of the dress. You can see that just the top portion is lined.  I felt I did a great job!!!


Here is the front and back inside out. You can see the zipper and the button and thread.  I just used regular thread and one loop.  I actually needed something just a tab bit stronger.

Also, a great tip that I have learned since then, is to interface along the zipper line before installing the zipper. This helps stabilize the fabric for the zipper.

I have tried that tip and it works!!!! I wish I would have known that before!



Dress on my when done in 2013 (sorry about the pics):


Dress on me in June 2017 – sorry about the lighting. I still have this dress and wear it!


Since it is silky, it’s polyester, so it does not breathe well. It is a little bit warm to wear in the summer day, but a summer night would be great.  Problem is, with a 2 year old, I’m in bed before 9:00 am, lol!!

Until next time, Cheerio!


Simplicity 9873 Pillows

My husband wanted couch pillows. When we went pricing the pillows at the store, we were astounded at the cost.

My husband said, you can make some.

I thought, well yes, yes I can!!!!

So I went to Joann’s and bought some home décor fabric. Both were on clearance, but I bought this solid yellow fabric and this blue striped fabric.  I am sorry, but I don’t remember the names at all.

I was trying to match some colors in a painting that we have over the fireplace and thought these would coordinate well.

I think I purchased 2 yards of each.

I thought I could just freehand my squares, lol.

I did, but I messed up on the blue striped one and it was so crocked. Also, I had one ruler when I was just beginning.

Hint, you need lots of rulers, I really like the quilters rulers, I have a variety of those now.

I also have a large table mat that covers my whole table and rotary cutter that I just loved.

But, back to the past when I had nothing, but a kitchen table.

So I believe it did 18” by 18”, that was the only ruler I had at the time.

Well, they came out sooooo small!!!! But I kept them anyways.  Look at the yellow and striped blue!


I decided that I just couldn’t do this by myself.   So I found a pattern online, Simplicity #9873 Sewing Patterns for Dummies.

This helped a lot. I believe I did View A.  I know the directions said pillow form, but I felt if I was going to buy that, I might as well have just bought the pillow from the store!

So instead I used fiber fill.

I didn’t really follow the instructions, I just used the pattern piece A to cut out my pieces.

At this time, I didn’t have anymore home décor fabric left, so I had this charmuse brown with swiggle lines on it that I thought would coordinate in our livingroom very well.

So I cut out the pattern, used it as a template, sewed the pillows and here they are:


I probably should have used the pillow form, but I must admit this is a current picture as of June 2017.

Remember I made these in 2013 and look, they are all still holding up pretty good, fiber fill and all.

I have not made another pillow since.

Lets just say home décor isn’t really my thing!

Until next time, Cheerio!

Simplicity It’s So Easy A2884

Well, you seen this dress in the last blog regarding my sewing room.

This dress, gave me so many headaches. I really struggled with this dress.

For this one, I used It’s Simplicity It’s So Easy A2884. I made view A.  The only difference is that view A is longer than view B.




By this time I had put on some weight, so I cut a size 16. Then I seen that this had lining and boning, 14” Zipper, and hook and eye.

I used a light green chiffon fabric that I purchased from Joann’s, again on their clearance. I also purchased the China Silk 100% polyester green lining to go underneath the chiffon.

I have to say, I did not find this easy. To me it was not a beginner pattern.

I consider beginner patterns, to be simple, and easy to understand. I found this pattern to be anything but these things.

I really struggled with the instructions for the bodice.

First I struggled with making the V neck.

I understood instructions #1, 2, and 3 with no problem.

This is where I started getting confused. Now it makes sense to me, but for a beginner, a video would have been better than these instructions.

I was able to do the Neck straps.

But now we are getting into the lining. I attached the lining, but as you noticed in the finished picture, my V in the middle looks horrible.

This was where I was getting confused, attaching the lining, and the boning.

I must have pulled this thing out like 5 times trying to understand the process.

Here is the finished product. For some reason I think the middle portion is too big.  The gathers are a little off.


I guess that some would like it. But it was not a good shape for my body type.  When I put it on, it appeared to have added 10 lbs to me.

I think I ended giving it up to Goodwill. Hopefully, someone liked it.

It was a good first try. You have to learn somehow.

Onto the next project!

Until next time, Cheerio!