Sewing Room Redo April 2013

room-5.jpgI have always wanted a large closet. Now I want my own sewing room.

The room is small, so trying to determine how to make both work in the small space was hard, but I did it.

I wanted someplace really girly.

My mom never let us paint the rooms in our house growing up, they always had to be white. Then I moved into different apartments and never took the time to paint the walls and I had to share a small bedroom with my sister who was six years younger than me.

Then we moved into our 3 bedroom house. Master bedroom was mine and my husband’s.  Second bedroom was my son’s and the third bedroom was for my stepdaughter.

Now that my stepdaughter was to old to stay the night, I claimed her bedroom as my own.

I love the color purple. I also found this wall paper at Lowes.  I love Damask.

Then I was so lucky to find matching curtains at Walmart of all places, only $8 a panel!!!!




room 4

I also bought these cabinets from Lowes. I think all together I probably spent $80 total.  But be aware, the are really cheap and break easily.

I found these wire racks at Lowes to hang up my clothes. I love having my clothes out in a visual space so I can see what I have.

I am very anal, so I like having jackets, with jackets, sleeveless with sleeves, and so on.

Oh, and while moving the TV in the room (remember the old on in the other post?) while the cord came out completely from the TV.

This gave me an excellent excuse to my husband to go by a new flat screen TV.

Wow the difference between an old TV and a new flat screen TV is amazing!! How much lighter!!!

I painted the walls a light lavender color, which I thought was a great contrast between the black and white.

This room felt so bright and cheery to be in.

I kept this room for a year. When my husband and I were trying to have a baby, I moved my 19 year old down here and moved my sewing items to his room.

I took down the wallpaperL, sigh!!!!! I loved it so much.

But I wanted to make it more like a dorm for him, so I painted it a real light taupez brown and got him black curtains, but more on that later!!

Until next time, Cheerio!


My Sewing Room 2013

Now that I started to sew, it’s time to find some space in the house for me.

This is a downstairs bedroom that I decided to claim as my own personal space. We also sometimes have some water issues, so it is not the most convenient place, but will allow me my own personal space to sew.


I wish I had more pictures to show you, but apparently I didn’t take that much. My mom gave me her old table and chair, so I now had a place to put my machine.

I also used the table as my cutting table as well. Only downside is that you have to take everything off the table when you sew.

I had a book regarding fashion, so I tore out the pages and put them in Dollar store frames and hung them up around the room for inspiration.

As you can see we had an older TV, but it worked!!!

I have had the bookcase for years and I began putting my patterns into the bookcase.

I also used some of the storage drawers to hold my fabric and a shelving unit to hold my fabric.

My mom gave me her mother’s sewing basket (the pink one on top of the bin).

Since there wasn’t much light, I used a cheap lamp my son had used.

For now, this felt like the perfect space.

PS, I redid the room later and felt like a queen. However that didn’t last long, as I became pregnant and had to move my 19 year old son down to this room.

He later moved out on his own, but let’s just say I am still trying to carve out a perfect space for my sewing, sigh!!!!

I envy the pictures posted online of large craft rooms.

Oh well, someday!!!

Until next time, Cheerio!


Awesome Body Croquis

I know this doesn’t fall in line with my journey, but I found something so exciting today that I thought I would share it.

I was reading the most recent post in ‘Curvy Sewing Collective’ and read about Erica that has created a My Body Model Croquis.


The link is above.

They are fashion templates according to your measurements.  You input your measurements and you actually have your own body template to do your drawings on.

This is awesome!!! I used to have a more hourglass shape, but since the baby, I have been all sorts of shapes.  First I gained 90 lbs with the baby, had preeclampsia, took about 9 months to lose 45 lbs, and then a year later lost the other 35 lbs, but now gained back 25 lbs.  AHHHHHHHH, so frustrating.


This is so cool, because I can’t seem to stay the same size, this will help me determine what garments will look best on my body shape at any given time.

Check it out!!!

McCalls M6400 Top March 2013

Back again. After success with the construction of the two dresses, minus the mishap with underlinings and linings, I decided to try my hand back at making a top.

I really liked this Mcall’s pattern M6400. At this time all my patterns were from Joann’s because they kept having their either 5 patterns for $5 sale, or their 3 patterns for $5 sales.

To be honest I didn’t even know a thing about the Indie pattern companies. I think I just learned about them in the beginning of 2017, by signing up for sewing blogs and hearing the sewing lingo of Indie pattern companies.

I now see that Mccalls even has a link on their pattern website for these. I actually start trying a few out in 2017, so stay turned for future blogs!

Okay, back to the pattern. The pattern referenced that it was an easy knit.  Sounded easy.  I went with View B.

The reason I went with it, was because it looked so flattering.

I have always had a hourglass figure, but also wide in the front. I don’t seem to carry weight in the front of me, or the back (meaning I have a very flat rear end, oh noooo!).  I will go into flat rear ends in another post.  In 2017, I learned more about how to make a flat rear end look more curvaceous.

But I have very wide flat hips, and small waist and at that time I was wearing a 36B bra.

So I always liked to have tight-fitting tops to show off my curves.

This came with a price. I had to workout 6 days a week for at least an hour a day to maintain the shape.

I pretty much would wear mediums in ready to wear and could usually get away with a small.

Skip forward to 2017 after baby, whole body has changed and no time to workout.

So in 2017, I would not be picking this top.

Back to 2013.

This top was actually really easy to put together. I believe that I had purchased the fabric from

Again, I struggled a bit with the neckband, as you can tell, it was very wavy.

Now, I probably would have used stitchery witchery to help stabilize the neckband. I also have a coverstitch machine that I would have used.  I just got my coverstitch in 2017 and love, love, love my coverstitch!!!.  Boy I wished I would have had a coverstitch when I started sewing.  What a time saver and so easy!!!

This fabric was a cotton knit.


I cut a medium and liked that it was only a yard and a half of fabric, which is great. I cut it right out of the envelope and didn’t grade anything to fit.  Notice the Medium has a 34 ½ inch bust, but this really fit my 36 inch bust really well.

I think being a knit, being able to stretch made the fit good.

After some washes though, the fabric didn’t hold up so good. The neckband got more stretched out and the color faded a lot.

In time I did end up tossing it, as it just didn’t wash well. I wish I had more pictures of it.

Who knows maybe as the little one gets older and find time to work out (yeah right), I will make it again.

But for now, this is not my current style in 2017, but it is still really cute. Who know’s maybe one day!!!

Oh well, on to the next project!

Until next time, Cheerio!

Simplicity 2588 2nd time around March 2013

Since I had great success with the last dress, I decided that try again. It was driving me crazy that the neckband didn’t fit perfect on the gray dress.  Practice makes perfect.

I decided to do Simplicity 2588 the same as the last post. In fact, I did the exact same dress.  Guess I was being lazy because all the pieces were cut out for me already.

I went this time with this lovely silky fabric that just looked gorgeous to me!! I know I got it from Joann’s on clearance.  It was one of their silky prints.  But it was very thin.

This one went together very fast, considering me working full time, had a high schooler, and working out, while taking care of two dogs and husband.

I think it only took me two weeks to make this dress.


I really loved the blue colors and wish I could find something like this again. I have been on the lookout but haven’t seen anything.  Let me know if any of you find anything like this!!!

Again, I thought I had did a great job with the construction.

I made on huge error, this fabric was so, so thin, it really needed a lining. In fact the first time I wore it, I ripped a hole in the material (at work!!).  I was near the thigh.

Luckily it was a small hole, but one I could not figure out how to fix at that time.

I kept the dress with hopes of trying to repair it, but then eventually got rid of it because #1, weight came back on. #2 I think I would have to do a lining and maybe more stabilizers in places.  I am not sure I even used any.

It wasn’t until later and a lot of Crafty classes that I learned about underlining, stabilizers, and linings.

Oh well, on to the next project!

Until next time, Cheerio!!

Simplicity 2588 February 18 2013

Since I had great success with my last dress, I thought I would do another dress. This time I thought I would try Simplicity 2588.  I liked the idea that there were many different versions of the dress that I could try to make.


I liked how the yellow dress looked on the front so I decided to go with that one.

dress instr.gif

By this time I have began working out, so I was now able to finally cut a size 12. I had this gray material that seemed great.  As seen below, I was undecided about this gray material or this purple cotton material.


I decided to go with the gray. Both were cotton.  I can’t remember what the gray was.  It had no stretch and was very thin.  I remember that I got it on sale at Joann’s.

As time passed, I learned to take pictures of the fabric bolt before I took it to get cut.

This one went together pretty good. It had princess seams and I didn’t struggle with that.  I followed the instructions.

As you can see I struggled a bit with the neckband. Now in the future, I realized that #1, the material was so thin, I should have used either an underlining, lining, or even both.

If I were to do this again, I would probably use both the underlining and lining. I think this would have helped a lot.

I think I only wore it twice because it wrinkled so much. The underlining would have helped with that issue.  Also, it seems that the size 12 sewing pattern didn’t fit for too long.  Apparently, if you stop working out, all the weight comes back on, LOL, oh well!!!

I didn’t keep this one for long. Because I didn’t use underlining or lining, it ripped really easily at the seams.  It really needed more stabilizing pieces underneath.  Lesson learned!!

But in all, I really was very proud of my construction job. The shoulders slid forward a tad bit, but otherwise the fit was pretty good.

I have found that dresses are probably the most forgiving with fit issues. At least that is what I have found, what about you?

On to the next project.

Until next time, Cheerio!!

Project #5 Simplicity E1989


My next project is to try a dress. I came across this pattern at Walmart.  It is called Simplicity Sew Simplicity E1989 and was sizes 6 to 18.

As I looked at the back, I seen that it looked really simple. I went ahead and cut a 14, which I figured would work.  Luckily, for me, I seemed to fit a 14 pretty good (this was 5 years ago, lol, now need to cut a size 16, sometimes 18 L.

I have since learned that I really need some adjustments for the shoulders, as it seems that I always have problems with them slipping forward.

I also have noticed that in some patterns, I may need to grade in at the waist just a bit, and out at the hip just a bit. I have a sort of hourglass figure.

Well it depends on what dieting stage you catch me in.

For most of my life I have gone back and forth between a ready to wear size 8 (size 6 on some small occasions) to a size 12 (which was rarely until recently).

This has made my sewing hard, because I am always changing sizes!!!!!!

So I thought this dress would be perfect because it was such a simple shape. Just a sheath dress with a tie belt.  This dress would accommodate many different sizes of my ever changing size.

It’s mostly just a big dress and then the waist is cinched in with a belt. Perfect.

I had this fabric that I purchased from Joann’s on clearance. It is a simply silk type fabric.  It has no stretch, I liked the black with the flower contrast and I really like the flower repeat pattern.


I was very proud of myself because I was able to cut the fabric with the flowers all going the same direction.

I know, that’s a no brainer right???? Well not for a newbie. But I figured it out!

After I cut it, I was so excited that just had to display it on my dress form.  Don’t mind the mess behind it, this was just the beginning phase of me developing my sewing room.  PS, I still don’t have it right after 5 years.


I actually found it really easy to put together. I struggled with the bias binding on the neckline.  I think I ended up using web fusing to get most of the parts done.  I didn’t realize the special sewing feet.  Also sometimes I think it just takes practice to get most of these sewing things down.

It has a seam down the middle back and has to bust darts. The front was cut on the fold.



I decided to actually attach this type of lace string to the belt to add some interest.


I also struggled with the blind hem stitch. I just couldn’t seem to get it right.  After Googling, I decided that it would just be easier to do the hem by hand.

At that time I didn’t really understand stabilizing and the material was really slippery.

In all this dress turned out really nice and I loved it. I think I wore it almost every week in the winter.  Looks great with leggings and boots.

I still have it and even tried wearing it this winter. It just fits, but feels a little snug.  Oh well will have to wait a little longer to fit in better, hmmmmm some day!!!

I love this dress and thought this was a great project.

Until next time, Cheerio!!

This is the finished dress back in 2013:


Here is me in the dress in June 2017. Yes, I have green in my hair.  I am always willing to try anything different.